Holy Orders

For Those Interested in Holy Orders

Men interested in Holy Orders, either the Priesthood or serving as a Deacon, are encouraged to research and pray upon the matter with some fervor and diligence, always entrusting the matter to the heart of our Lord Jesus Christ.  

Women and men interested in Consecrated life as a Religious Sister or Brother are also encouraged to give prayerful consideration to the matter, and to entrust it to the Lord.  We learn in following a Godly life that there are essentially four states in life:  Married life;  Single life;  Consecrated life as a Religious Brother or Sister;  and Consecrated life as a Deacon,  Priest or Bishop.

If you are experiencing any interest in religious life, feel free to call or e-mail Fr. Mark at frmarkoll@aol.com info and start what is an essentially prayerful and usually enjoyable and enlightening dialogue of conversion and discovery of Christ in your life.