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Our Lady of the Lake StudentsReligious Education for all of our families

In a nurturing Christ-centered environment, Our Lady of the Lake Roman Catholic Church strives to provide a strong moral and academic foundation for all of our Parishioners to learn the Catholic Faith handed down to us from the Apostles:  to achieve excellence in their education, confidence in their efforts, and to learn responsibility for their actions as they face the challenges of an ever-changing world.


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» Our Lady of the Lake School
» CCD Programs
» Adult Education Program

In September of 1890, under the direction of a lay teacher, Father E. J. Lavaquery opened a school, which we now know as Our Lady of the Lake School.  Enrollment that year was ten boys and eight girls.  The Benedictine Fathers assumed care of the church in 1912, and in 1916 the Benedictine Sisters from St. Scholastica convent in Covington came to Mandeville to help build the school into what it is today.  From a starting enrollment of eighteen students, Our Lady of the Lake has grown to over 800 students.
Amidst the thriving public school system of St. Tammany Parish, our Parish also maintains a vibrant CCD Program, which teaches the Faith to close to 800 students as well.  We have recently launched an Adult Education program, which is helping Parishioners to learn the essentials of the Faith, and to be able to speak intelligently to Catholic issues. 


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